The Art of Crypto Investing helps new investors add cryptocurrency into their investment portfolio. The crypto world is complex. Knowing where to buy, how much to invest and what has good yields ⸺ becomes a new art.

The Art

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How to sign up and get free $25 USD rewards new user with $25 USD when they sign up with a referral code (if you never use any code, you get $0)!

So help yourself (and help me earn $25 too 🤟🏻) by using my referral code f8276tkt8y.

Step 1: Download the app

Download app on Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

Step 2: Enter referral code

Upon sign up, enter my referral code. Copy and paste this:


NOTE: If you have completed sign up but didn’t enter the referral code, you can still do so within 5 days after KYC verification is approved. To enter the code, go to app Settings > Referral Code.

Step 3: Continue KYC verification

Financial apps require strict identify verification. Bear with it and provide them the necessary documents.

Once you passed KYC verification, you will see the $25 USD, but it will be locked. The next step is to unlock it.

Step 4: Stake for a Visa Card

Apply for their Visa Card from within the app. There are various card tiers, with different benefits, including FREE Spotify & Netflix subscription every month!

You need to apply for Ruby Steel or higher tier, which means staking at least $400 USD.

Staking is like a deposit. They will be returned to you in the form of CRO once you un-stake.

Once your card is approved, the $25 USD will be unlocked, also in the form of CRO.

CRO is token. It is like their own “currency”.