The Art of Crypto Investing helps new investors add cryptocurrency into their investment portfolio. The crypto world is complex. Knowing where to buy, how much to invest and what has good yields ⸺ becomes a new art.

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Crypto is the future of money. The reason why people are adopting it as an alternative asset is because crypto is decentralized. Crypto has real value and real use case, and is better than fiat. However, anyone can create their own crypto, and assign a value to it. There are also lots of scams going around because people do not fully understand it.

Being digital is not the key feature of crypto. Being decentralized is the key. No one country controls a crypto. There is no central bank who prints money and give it to financial instituitions.

Yields of 10% is common even for staking of stablecoins. They are real because of traders, who are willing to borrow at even higher interest rate. If the traders cannot return, their collateral (fully matched) will be liquidated. In other words it is legit. But some crazy high yields (especially from farming new tokens) do have it's risks eg. smart contracts could have bugs.

This is fully explained here.