The Art of Crypto Investing helps new investors add cryptocurrency into their investment portfolio. The crypto world is complex. Knowing where to buy, how much to invest and what has good yields ⸺ becomes a new art.

The Art

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Cosmos Network

An internet of blockchains

Cosmos Network is special because it a network of independent blockchains. You will be in awe some of the biggest that use them:

  • Binance Coin
  • Terra
  • Coin

All the blockchains connect using the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

Anyone can create a fast & secure blockchain easily, with Cosmo providing the consensus engine, IBC protocol, and prebuilt modules. They are very fast, at 10,000+ TPS.

A multichain world

No one chain will rule. Each blockchain has its unique applications, users, geographies, security models, and design trade-offs.

Image from 1kxnetwork

So a multichain protocol helps.


ATOM is inflationary at 7-20%, adjusted so that the total staked is ~66%. They are distributed as stake rewards.

Staking APY is currently ~9%.

You can stake using one of the many Cosmos wallets


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