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A platform for decentralized exchanges

Serum is a platform for Decentralized Exchange.

Serum provides a fully on-chain orderbook, allowing other applications to ‘plug into’ Serum’s composable ecosystem.

Their ultimate vision is powering many decentralized exchange, with a total valuation of $100B, reaching 1 billion users and $10T of on-chain value.

They are backed by FTX, one of the largest centralized exchange.

They are built on Solana, because Solana has the highest throughput.

How to use?

They are a platform. That means they DON’T have a UI for you to use. In fact, anyone can build a GUI.

But you can use these apps. The biggest is Raydium. Those apps are powered by Serum.


10% of all SRM tokens begin unlocked. The other 90% all have the same unlock schedule. They are fully locked for the first year, and then unlock linearly over the next 6 years, beginning on the 11th of August 2021, at approximately 1/2190 per day. All seed sales were locked.

Serum charges fees on trades that use its order book. 100% of the fees flow back into SRM, generally via a buy and burn, and also potentially into staking rewards or other ecosystem grants.

Developers can build on Serum.

They even have open sourced GUI.. which means you can run a DEX in under 10 minutes.

Staking SRM

You can do it on FTX (centralized exchange).

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