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The Art

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Anchor Protocol

Stable yields from PoS

Anchor is a decentralized “savings protocol” offering low-volatile yields on Terra stablecoin deposits.

By that, it means they give stable yields from staking. Currently, the annual yield is 19%! This is nothing like banks’ savings account. But it is not a no risk investment too. And it might not maintain such yield forever.

How it works

👉🏻 Refer to our article on how it works.

Protocol fees

Anchor earns 10% of value flowing into the yield reserve – from bAsset rewards, excess yield, and collateral liquidation fees.

Protocol fees are then used to purchase ANC tokens from Terraswap, which are then distributed as staking rewards to ANC stakers.

Which means ANC stakers earn 10% of value flowing into the yield reserve. You’re a shareholder of the reserve.


1,000,000,000 ANC tokens to be distributed over a period of at least 4 years. No more thereafter.

Genesis on 17 March 2021.

You can earn ANC by staking LUNA, put bLUNA as collateral, or provide liquidity pool to ANC-UST.


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