Beware of crypto influencer scammers

05 Nov 2021 Heists

Cryptocurrency is often associated with scams and ponzi schemes because there are truly lots of them. One of which is YouTube influencers who often claim how much they can earn from “crypto investments”.

They are probably paid more by sponsors and YouTube views.

But the worst are influencers who create some alt-coins, sell it to their fans, and then they they rug pull (which means sell all their tokens for cash)!

A Scam by TechLead

I have personally followed TechLead since many years ago, when he was just a dude who talks about tech stuff. He was funny.

But things go south after his divorce. He started to talk about crypto, and then he launch his own Million Token. It was a scam as he rug pull and withdraw liquidity to earn himself $millions.

Watch how coffeezilla investigated the scam:

TechLead is a sad example of an influencer who has lost his moral compass. He truly has no shame now.

More exposed by coffeezilla


There are so many scams. Please don’t fall for them.

  • Don’t buy tokens purely to support an influencer/celebrity
  • Don’t buy tokens without real utility
  • Don’t bet all your money into “opportunities” that can 100x