ended Spotify & Netflix rebate

11 Sep 2022 News

In yet another update, has ended their 100% rebate for the 2 popular streaming services.

Six more months to fully rebate, then no more on 23 Jan 2023. So do cancel the services by then, if it is not worth paying fully for.

Existing Jade Green, Royal Indigo, and Ruby Steel Visa Cardholders who activated their Card before 23 July 2022, 15:00 UTC will enjoy the merchant rebate benefit(s) (Spotify, Netflix) tied to their current Card tier for six more months (until 23 January 2023, 15:00 UTC). Thereafter, cardholders will no longer receive CRO reimbursement(s) when spending with these merchant(s);

This affects most users, except the uber rich tiers.

If you upgrade your card now, you also get to extend the rebate for 6 more months.