Do you know BitTorrent token?

06 Mar 2022 Discover

BitTorrent is the largest file sharing protocol, based on decentralized network, and invented way before Bitcoin. It is fair to say the protocol and their decentralized nature did inspire the blockchain technology.

But do you know they have their own crypto token?

What is BitTorrent Token

BitTorrent Token (BTT) is a utility token on Tron network.

A primary use of BTT is to incentivise uploaders who seed!

On the other hand, downloaders can spend BTT to download even faster.

You can read about their BitTorrent Speed feature, which is available on their web client and µTorrent.

How much can you earn

Before you jump into running a node with Terabytes of files to seed, do note that you might not earn much. This is because BTT is rewarded only if there are downloaders who want to get their hands on file fast, which ain’t that many users.

As of now, the price of BTT is low, and the yield is low.

But if you’re already seeding without incentive, then this is a bonus.

Acquired by Tron

Tron is a layer-1 blockchain launched in 2018, largely inspired by Ethereum.

Tron acquired BitTorrent in 2018, rumoured to be ~$100M. Their goal is to create BitTorrent Chain, a cross-chain protocol with smart contract.

Tips: A free VPN

While we are on this topic of torrents, you might want to know there is a free VPN from Cloudflare, which they promised to be forever free. It is made up of:

  1. DNS
  2. WARP (a VPN)

Using a VPN will hide your IP, and save you from your ISP issuing you copyright infringement letter 🤭