Invite Codes to join DFlow

13 Apr 2024 Discover

DFlow is a liquidity layer that drives better economics for market participants on Solana. The DFlow protocol protects DEX liquidity against toxic flow, and supercharge DeFi with tighter spreads, dampened volatility and overall better trade execution quality.

You can go to DFLow website, join early access and gain XP rewards using one of our invite codes:

  • 6L0DMJ
  • AAF6MB
  • QVARV6
  • B7OOJX
  • BI1ZLW
  • 7R6VTQ
  • OU9ZXQ
  • AUIA89
  • TJ6SSP
  • TSPK79

If any of the above codes have been used, please contact us for more.

How to earn XP rewards?

Upon sign up, enter the invite code and deposit any of their listed tokens with at least $5 value to earn their XP rewards. XP rewards likely will give you DFlow airdrops in the future.

Do note that your DFlow account will have a dedicated Solana wallet address that you have to deposit to. Simply transfer $5 worth of token to your DFlow address.

Find out more about DFlow Protocol.