Uprock: Earn income with your unused bandwidth

04 May 2024 Freebie

Passive income is the best kind of income. UpRock is AI + web3, and it let you earn passive income by sharing your unused bandwidth and computing power. Recently, they have released their iPhone app, so you can always make use of your Internet (even at your office)!

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By turning on the app, you’re not only sharing your Internet bandwidth, but also helping to power the AI revolution.

In 1 day, I’ve earned 6 UPT, which could be worth $1 each? Let’s see how the token performs when unlocked, estimated in late May.

If you like to earn passive income, do sign up with my referral 😺❤️ and try it on iPhone, Android and also on macOS.

I prefer running on iPhone, as apps are sandbox in the OS and they can’t wreck havoc.