slashed their interest rate again

26 Mar 2022 News

Exactly 3 weeks ago, they announced they will reduce the interest rate for their Earn program, which is suppose to be in effect on April 4th. But today, surprisingly, they email on a further reduction, which takes effect immediately!

The Changes

They slashed 2 times in a month. Let us compare the differences.

If you have $400 Ruby Steel and below:

Term Before Now Change
Flexible 6% 1.5% -4.5%
1-month 8% 3% -5%
3-months 10% 6% -4%

If you have $4,000 Jade Green and above:

Term Before Now Change
Flexible 8% 2% -6%
1-month 10% 4% -6%
3-months 12% 8% -4%

As you can see, they have slashed by ~5%, which is a BIG difference.

What’s more, there is a cap of $30,000.

Move on

High interest rate don’t last forever. But it has come down unexpected and swiftly for

It is no longer a good place to hold stablecoins for the interest. It’s time to move to Terra’s Anchor and others (while they are still high).