The Art of Crypto Investing helps new investors add cryptocurrency into their investment portfolio. The crypto world is complex. Knowing where to buy, how much to invest and what has good yields βΈΊ becomes a new art.

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All the crypto tokens we track

Name Token Sector Website Selling point Market Cap
Solana SOL Smart Contract Platform πŸ”— The Ethereum killer $10B
USD Coin USDC Stablecoin πŸ”— The world’s leading digital dollar stablecoin $46B
FTX FTT Centralized Exchanges πŸ”— Lowest fee $5B CRO Payment πŸ”— VISA card, exchange, NFT, cronos blockchain $10B
Polygon MATIC Smart Contract Platform πŸ”— Compatible with Ethereum yet lower gas fee $10B
Cosmos Network ATOM Smart Contract Platforms πŸ”— An internet of blockchains $10B
Bitcoin BTC Payment πŸ”— A new kind of money $500B
Anchor Protocol ANC Lending πŸ”— Stable yields from PoS $200M
Terra LUNA Smart Contract Platform πŸ”— Programmable Money For The Internet $20B
Arweave AR File Storage πŸ”— Decentralized storage network forever. $1B
Serum SRM Decentralized Exchange πŸ”— A platform for decentralized exchanges $200M
Fantom FTM Smart Contract Platform πŸ”— Performance matters. $5B
Filecoin FIL File Storage πŸ”— Decentralized storage network to store humanity’s important data. $3B
TRON TRX Smart Contract Platform πŸ”— Decentralize the web $5B
Harmony ONE Smart Contract πŸ”— Bridge all chains $1B
Quant QNT Interoperability πŸ”— Connecting all the world’s distributed ledgers $1B
Stellar XLM Currencies πŸ”— Open network for storing and moving money $5B
NEAR Protocol NEAR Smart Contract πŸ”— For a multi-chain future along with Ethereu, Cosmos, and more $5B
Avalanche AVAX Smart Contract πŸ”— Blazingly fast $20B
Ripple XRP Currencies πŸ”— Global money transfer $20B
The Sandbox SAND Gaming πŸ”— Create, buy & sell land, then play in it $1B
Decentraland MANA Gaming πŸ”— Explore and own virtual world $5B
Raydium RAY Decentralized Exchange πŸ”— Largest DeFi on Solana $100M
Nano XNO Currencies πŸ”— Digital currency for everyone, without fees $100M
All.Art AART NFT πŸ”— Protocol for NFT creators on Solana -